Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Studies

All small groups meet at 9:00 am in our Family Life Center, most of them downstairs. 

Young Adults  If you are 18-25, whether you're in school or starting a career or just seeking your place, this group is for you.  Jacob Price and Jeff Harper provide leadership to the group.  All are welcome; come seeking and get some questions answered.  We might explore "what does it mean to be holy?" "what does confession do for me?" or even "would a loving God really send me to hell?"  

Location:  Room 113 FLC 

Adult  Bible Study Group   We strive to learn about the Lord through studying and discussing His Word.  We support each other through prayer, Christian service, and social fellowship.  We seek to discover truth about Him.  Lynn Wesley would be glad to hear from you and give you details!  

Location:  Room 111 FLC    

Pace Keepers --   Realizing that life is not a sprint, or even a series of sprints, but more like a cross country race...we need to know how to pace ourselves and be prepared for obstacles ahead.  Many of us are overwhelmed with how busy and fast life has become.  Distractions often cause us to veer off course. We long for a pace that will take us to the end of the race without leaving us exhausted along the way.  Come and explore God's Word with us to find meaning and purpose throughout our busy lives.  We can help each other keep the pace.   Contact Mark Rhoads  for more information.

Location:  Room 110 FLC

Senior Adult Coed -- Our Senior Adult Bible Study is for those with a little more "life experience" than the younger crowd. We are young at heart but seasoned with experience! You are invited to join us each Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the Multipurpose Room. Our class includes couples and single individuals.   John Auvenshine leads a team who keeps current with multimedia and other technology to enhance the well-prepared lessons.  He would be happy to provide you with study materials or answer any questions.  

Location:  Multipurpose Room, FLC

Breakfast Bible study --   You're invited to breakfast at 7:30 am and then stay for this Bible study at 8:30 am where the lives of men and women in both Old Testament and New are examined to see what they can tell us to lead us to a better life.   Dorothea Zinn leads the group. 

Location:  Family Life Center, Main floor