What Are LifeGroups?

LifeGroups can best be described using the letters C. R. O. S. S.

C          Closed Groups of defined length -  LifeGroups will last for 7-10 weeks with 3 or 4 sessions a year. You will be asked to make a commitment to the LifeGroup for the full session when you sign up. Two weeks after the session begins, the LifeGroup will be closed to new members until the next session.

R          Relationship Focused -  Obedience is not only about knowledge, it is about proximity and proximity is about relationships. We obey the Lord because of our relationship with him, not only because of what we know about Him. Our relationships with others with the same goals, allow us to grow in our relationship to God.

O         Offsite -  LifeGroups meet offsite in our friend’s homes. It is important that LifeGroups meet in a comfortable setting. A setting where we see, feel and live every day allows us to share and be a part of each other’s lives.

S          Sermon Based- Have you ever walked away from a church service thinking, “I’d sure like to explore that a little more”?  We live in a hectic fast-paced world that only allows us so many meetings, appointments or commitments.  Sermon-based LifeGroups allow for discussion about topics that relate to each of us and do not require another time commitment.  Sermon- based does not mean that we just rehash the weekend’s sermon; rather, it offers further exploration of the topics that were discussed in the weekend’s service.

S          Small Group- At Emmanuel Tucson, we believe that life change happens best in the context of a small group. Healthy relationships are built on trust and trust comes more easily in a small group setting. LifeGroups will be made up of a certain number of participants: 7 couples for a couples group, 8 individuals for a men’s or women’s group, or 14 people overall for a mixed group, couples and individuals. As we build trust, we grow together in our relationship with God and others.

We have sign ups on Sunday mornings following the worship service; you can call Karen at 323-9379 for more information.  Make plans to get involved! 

Contact LifeGroups for more information.  You can download the Covenant here.