Preschool & Children’s Ministry

Welcome to KidZone!

We start at 9:00 every Sunday with Family Hour

This is for the WHOLE family!  Families with children from birth-4th grade will meet in the Education Building on the north side of our campus at 9:00 am (upstairs).  We will eat a little, worship a lot, pray and learn as a whole family.  Interested?  Give Claire a call 323-9379 or send her an email. 


KidZone and KidZone jr

10:30 every Sunday morning 

We can't wait to meet you!  Our KidZone team is dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with children and their families. Our goal is to teach children about the amazing, unconditional love of God and the joy He brings when we live a life with Him.  At Emmanuel Tucson, we offer many opportunities for children and their families to participate in activities where they can learn more about Jesus and where they can strengthen their relationships with Him and each other.  

We offer a safe and loving environment for your children!  All of our KidZone volunteers have gone through background screening.  

Here are some of the activiities we offer children:

KidZone jr is our preschool program for children age 0-5 years old.  We have four different classes.

Kids have age-appropriate Bible lessons and activities including music, crafts, and creatively shared stories.  

Kids in KidZone jr go to our children's education building (the northmost building on campus) to sign in.  They and their parents/guardians will receive a sticker or wristband to wear, which will be verified upon pickup so that only the parent/guardian with the matching sticker or wristband can pickup the child.   When you arrive on campus, you'll see the KidZone jr signs which will direct you to the central sign-in area. 

KidZone is our elementary program for kids in kindergarten - 4th grades.

Our time in KidZone is spent teaching Bible lessons in creative and exciting ways.  Here we worship through music, use multimedia instruction, do crafts, and play games in a large group.  We take time to break into small groups to have discussions about what we've learned.  

Kids in KidZone and their parents receive matching wristbands upon sign-in. They sign-in in the lobby of the worship center and pick-up in the education building, upstairs.  Wristbands will be checked.  

Need more information on anything?   Claire would love to hear from you!